Street-Ready Cred: The 2023 Toyota GR86 Special Edition

July 12th, 2022 by

Ask most Toyota owners why they chose the brand and they’ll use words like “Toyota value”, “Toyota dependability”, “Toyota resale value”, and “Toyota low cost of ownership”. Rarely would you hear “flat-out speed and race car performance”. Unless, of course, you happen to be speaking with the owner of a Toyota GR86 or a Toyota GR Supra. Those folks are definitely going to talk about speed and performance.

The 2023 Toyota GR86 Special Edition

Let’s start with defining “Special Edition”. Toyota has said only 860 of these vehicles will be produced. That 860 number is based on the “86” in “GR86”, so we understand the unusual quantity. But to put that in perspective, Toyota sells over 10 million cars globally each year. That means these 860 GR86 Special Editions represent 0.0086 percent of overall sales. (Coincidence on the “86” in that calculation). That’s a very, very limited number of vehicles.

What’s the “GR” Stand For?

That comes from “Toyota Gazoo Racing”, Toyota’s motorsport/performance brand, and is the basis for the “GR” editions in the Supra and GR86 model line. Apparently, “Gazo” means “image or picture”, so we assume Toyota views its racing development team as the perfect “image of racing”. But we’re speculating a bit.

What Makes the GR86 Special Edition… “Special”?

First, it’s a Toyota GR86. Right there, we have a very special car. Driving enthusiasts will appreciate that the GR86 is powered by a “flat-four” (cylinders) engine that generates 228-HP and is coupled with a 6-speed manual transmission. The “flat” nature of the engine lowers the center of gravity and allows for a lower hood level. Additionally, the GR86 is a relatively light car, weighing roughly 2,800 lbs.; that’s about half the weight of a Toyota Sequoia. As a result, the Toyota GR86 is quick and nimble.

But what makes the GR86 Special Edition an even more exciting car to own starts with the signature styling. It comes in only one color: Solar Shift orange. That is matched with black accents on the C-pillars, the matte black wheels, and black trunk-mounted lip spoiler. To add an audio track to the high-performance experience of the GR86 Special Edition is a pair of cat-back exhaust system, finished with black chrome tips; these definitely add a throaty, authoritative sound.

High Performance & High-Tech

Yes, you’ll be going fast in the GR86, but Toyota also wants you to go in style and comfort. That’s why you’ll find such amenities, as heated front seats, 8-speaker audio system, 8-inch touchscreen, dual-zone climate control, Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™, Bluetooth, SiriusXM, and USB ports.

You also get Pre-Collision Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, Sway Warning, High Beam Assist, and a host of other safety features.

It’s Still a Toyota

So we can all agree that the Toyota GR86 Special Edition is a pure sports car. But it is also a Toyota, which adds some other dimensions to the ownership experience that sports car owners don’t normally get to claim. These include value; we expect the 2023 GR86 Special Edition to be priced in the mid-$30,000’s. That’s amazing when you consider what it has to offer. And, because it’s a Toyota, it’s going to be dependable; far less finicky than other sports cars. As for resale value, there are only going to be 860 of these produced, so scarcity will help the 2023 GR86 hold its value. Additionally, we recently read an article on cars that retain the most value and it said “the sportier, the better”. That definitely includes theGR86. And as far as “affordable to own”, don’t forget that every new Toyota comes with ToyotaCare, your complimentary factory scheduled maintenance plan that covers 2-Years/25,000-Miles of Genuine Toyota Service. On top of that, you have Toyota’s 36-Month/36,000-Mile new vehicle warranty and a 60-Month/60,000-Mile powertrain warranty.

NASA Membership

But here’s something that most Toyota buyers won’t receive: a complimentary 1-year membership to the National Auto Sport Association (NASA). Membership includes a range of benefits, including discounted admission to NASA-sanctioned events and even a free High Performance Driving Event (HPDE).

Buy or Lease a 2023 Toyota GR86 Special Edition

City Toyota is the #1 Toyota Dealership in the San Francisco Bay Area, selling more cars in 2021 than any other dealership in our region. That means we have a great chance of being able to put you into a 2023 GR86 Special Edition when one becomes available. If you’re interested in leasing any Toyota GR86, simply get in touch with us and let our Toyota enthusiasts get to work on your behalf.

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