Get Ready for Next Generation Toyota Technology

September 22nd, 2021 by

Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) has developed a brand new multimedia system for Toyota and Lexus vehicles that will debut in 2021. Using the philosophy of One Toyota, designed in-house, the new infotainment system better serves Toyota drivers and their needs. Advanced technology, including AI and over-the-air updates, leads to a more seamless, enjoyable and safe in-car experience for Toyota owners.

The new Toyota multimedia system will offer multiple touchscreens ranging from 8-inches up to 14-inches. A new Human Machine Interface (HMI) enhances the user experience through the coordination of physical, visual and voice interactions. Created specifically for the North American audience, updated graphics use different animations when the system is listening vs. processing. These new animations boost the user experience and match its improved performance and cloud capabilities.

Over-The-Air Updates

The new Toyota TMNA developed multimedia system now utilizes over-the-air (OTA) updates to keep your new Toyota up-to-date with the latest software enhancements. With five times the processing power of the previous generation of Toyota technology, the innovative new system allows for more responsive actions and greater ease of use. Updating the Toyota software will ensure drivers always have the latest in infotainment, safety and navigation information. Who knows what the future will hold for future updates!

Improved Navigation

The new over-the-air update technology is especially useful in the all-new navigation system with 100% cloud capability, ensuring you always have the latest information while navigating the map. Use voice-activated commands or the touchscreen to get directions, change your route, find local businesses, or discover local points of interest using Google’s data. You can also now use Toyota navigation offline, handy if you are exploring off the beaten path and getting out of Wi-Fi range. The new Toyota technology can detect an upcoming area with low connectivity and then download relevant maps and services, so you do not end up stranded while you have no signal.

Virtual Assistant

An all-new Virtual Assistant (VA) has been developed for the new Toyota multimedia system. The new Virtual Assistant uses voice recognition to create a more authentic experience and interaction between the user and the technology. Toyota drivers and passengers can have a more human conversation while interacting with the VA to easily and naturally access media, phone connectivity, navigation or in-vehicle functions. Anyone in the front seat can utilize the new voice commands, and the VA uses machine learning to create a more seamless experience over time.

User Profiles

To further enhance the personalized experience, users can now create separate User Profiles to easily access your customized settings from climate to music that gets remembered for the next use. You can even transfer your settings to another Toyota vehicle! Since the new Toyota technology connects to the cloud, you can carry your profile to another new Toyota with the new multimedia system and access your profile on any Bluetooth-connected device.

Enhanced Safety

Toyota is known for its superior safety track record, and the new multimedia system is no exception. A 24/7 emergency response service is accessible through the new system and can locate the Toyota vehicle with precise GPS locations to assist you or help authorities locate a stolen vehicle. Drivers will also receive regular updates for maintenance needs, vehicle health, and other updates to keep your Toyota safe and reliable. Some of these services will require a Toyota Connected app subscription.

The new Toyota multimedia system will debut in late 2021 in the Lexus NX, followed by Toyota in late Q4 2021. Eventually, the new system will be available across the entire new Toyota lineup, regardless of vehicle model, trim, or screen size.

This next-generation Toyota innovation was developed in North America for North America. Toyota is proud to have brought multiple working groups together to create a system designed specifically for the needs of the Toyota driver. By working together, engineers, software developers, product specialists and business partners have created a new Toyota multimedia system that improves the user experience with greater ease of use, improved connectivity and technology, and a more personalized experience.

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